Friday, June 1, 2012

Why I Write

Getting my students to think critically and then write thoughtfully is one of my greatest challenges as a teacher. Too often, students see writing as an academic enterprise with little relevance to their world. The fault of this is often we educators. We ask students to do mundane writing such as comparing two stories they would have never read if we hadn't assigned them. We ask students to write essays about topics which do not interest them. Finally, most of their writing is handed in to us, we read it, mark it, return it, but it has no real world significance to the student. I want to change that. I want my students to write real world discourses that will be read by real world audiences.

But---here's the issue. How can I expect my students to be life-long writers if I am not. It becomes the ultimate example of hypocrisy.

So, from that line of thinking, this blog is born.

I hope to accomplish as a writer a blog that shares what I know. I will likely write about educational issues because that's what I know. I may share poetry from time to time. I may write about what I am reading. I may write about sports or family. At some point, I may write a memoir or two.

I challenge my students to write thoughtfully. Sometimes this will be a struggle and thereby become a reminder to me of the struggles my students face when they attempt to write. I hope that I will be able to cultivate readers. At times, maybe I can offer ideas to issues that interest you my readers.

But most importantly, I am writing because to be a teacher of writing, I must never forget to be a writer.

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